Date of Birth: January, 5, 2016

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy

€ 3 850 is the amount needed for the treatment.


3 850 Euro is the amount needed for the treatment.

Ann lives in a large family, she has a brother and a sister. She is an active and cheerful girl; she likes to be held in arms and smile to her dearest and nearest. The baby girl was born prematurely. Already in the first month of her life she underwent the first neurological surgery during which a stent was implanted in her brain. During her life, 2 years-old Ann underwent several difficult operations, including cerebral shunting.

A while ago the girl started to actively roll over and crawl little by little. But high muscle tone does
not allow her to fully feel her arms and legs. The girl may be helped by a rehabilitation course in
International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation in Cyprus based on the method of Professor Vladimir
Ilyich Kozyavkin. This method is considered to be one of the most effective in rehabilitation for
children with cerebral palsy. The beginning of this course is scheduled for May 27, 2019.