There comes a time in every child’s life, when they begin discovering the world on their own, and trying everything they can get their hands on. In order to accident-proof all areas and ensure the safety of their child parents install door locks, safety for sharp corners and always keep their children in sight. But even all these measures are sometimes not enough. Just one second is enough for a curious child to do something irreversible…Nikita was 1 year old when he accidentally consumed…. permanganic acid.

The consequences of this accident where irreparable. It resulted in him burning his oropharynx, which over time led to scarring and Nikita lost the ability to breathe, eat and drink on his own. The boy has been suffering for the past 10 years, he breathes through a “tracheostomy” and only eats with the help of gastrostomy. He doesn’t even remember how to perform these basic functions without them. Despite the fact that Nikita gets maintenance surgeries under anesthetic monthly, there don’t seem to be any improvements. All these years his parents where desperately seeking ways to end their sons suffering. They found one. Nikita has gotten a chance for a new, healthy life. This will only be possible with a radical surgery, that can be performed by the doctors in the Suraski medical center in Israel. After this surgery Nikita will finally stop suffering and he will be able to breathe and eat without the use of tubes. But this my friends, will only be possible with your help. We are the only hope this boy has for a normal life. Just imagine, it is in our power to give Nikita that which he and his parents have dreamt about all these years! It is crucial for these types of dreams to come true.