Here is Muratov Ramazan from Kazakhstan. This smart, kind, happy and joyfull boy was born with a congenital malformation. His diagnosis: Spina Bifida.

Doctors discovered the boys defect right after he was born. But unfortunately they couldn’t do anything about it. In Kazakhstan there is an absence in specialists that deal with this disease, that’s why when the parents seeked for help from local specialists all they could recommend were massages, special lessons in a pool and physical therapy. His parents perform these procedures daily but the disease keeps progressing taking a tall on Ramazans health.

The only way to stop his condition from worsening and improve Ramazans health is a neurosurgical operation in Israel, which can be performed by Simon Rokhid in Assuta Medical Center. Dear friends, we must give this boy a chance.

Ramazan isn’t ready to accept his diagnosis and admit to himself that he is sick. He dreams of running and jumping like all healthy kids. Even though he suffers from excruciating pain in his legs and back, he doesn’t give up. But unfortunately all he can do is walk slowly, limping on both legs….Dear friends, if Ramazan doesn’t do this operation, he may eventually loose the ability to walk. We can’t let this happen. It is vital for us to help this boy avoid disability! In order to do this we much raise a total of 40 345$.

His mother writes: “ To our great sorrow, we can’t afford to pay for our sons treatment alone. We sincerely ask you to help our son not to lose, but to improve all that he has! Please, help Ramazan to keep mobility in his legs and lead a happy and fulfilled life!”

Dear friends, let’s change Ramadans life for the better! Give him a chance for a healthy life!