Friends, meet the child in the photo, Baiushkina Mariia. She is 7 years old and is from Kiev.

Masha was born a healthy child, but from when she turned one year old, even the most simple common cold affected her with complications, due to which she constantly ended up in the hospital.  The child’s parents were very worried, which prompted them to take Masha to the doctors to try to find the reason why this was occurring. But the doctors could not answer.

A year ago, Masha’s health worsened.  From minor falls, bruises began to appear on her body, seeming more like serious trauma.  The parents were alarmed and looked for help from the best doctors in Ukraine, took their child to them for all sorts of examinations and consultations, yet none of them were able to make an accurate diagnosis nor offer any treatment.

As an active, cheerful and sociable child who loves hiking, school and dance class, Masha is now suffering indescribably.  After all, she had to abandon all activities that could lead to irreversible consequences, making most of her hobbies an impossibility.  Her biggest desire now is to become healthy and do what she loves so much.

Dear friends, in order to change this child’s life, in order to make her smile return and to fulfill her desire, Masha needs to be diagnosed to have an accurate understanding of her condition and prescribe treatment.  Highly qualified specialists at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel will be able to go through with this task, but for this we have to collect 16 144.88 USD