Date of Birth: March, 21, 2011

Diagnosis: Spina Bifida

$25 000 are needed to execute the operation

Through your kind donations, we were able to raise the right amount to pay for the treatment.

Spring 2011 marked a joyful event – birth of beautiful Marta, a girl with brown eyes and long dark hair. However, her parents’ joy was darkened, as the girl was born with a large lumbar swelling and many pathologies of internal organs. Her diagnosis was an unexpectedness for everyone, including doctors.
The struggle for the child’s life and health began from this moment – Marta underwent several complex surgeries in Russia and Germany and went through a long way of rehabilitation. As a result, the girl considers herself to be absolutely healthy and protests when parents do not allow her to jump on a trampoline or slide down a hill.
Recently, a scheduled consultation with the attending doctor has determined vertebral fixation, terminal thread thickening syndrome or “spinal cord tethering syndrome” which means a complication causing elongation of the spinal cord.
If an urgent neurosurgical operation is not performed within few months and the progressive deterioration is not stopped, irreversible processes may follow – like complete dysfunction of the pelvic organs, paralysis of the lower limbs, and even inability to move without a wheelchair.
Assuta Medical Center (Israel) is ready to help the girl. 25,000 USD are needed to execute the operation, and its preliminary date is February 2019.