Born on December 12, 2007



Cerebral palsy

Through your kind donations, we were able to raise the required amount of money to pay for the orthopedic wheelchair.

Lev was born with cerebral palsy, which only got worse after multiple vertebral fractures and acquired osteoporosis.

Due to these health problems, the boy suffers from severe back pain, has difficulty walking and gets quickly exhausted. Even when Lev is seated, the pain does not go because of excessive muscle tension and the spinal curvature forcing the child to lean to the left. Such incorrect position of the back interferes with the development of the skeletal system, and the spinal support he has to wear hinders chest formation.

Fortunately, there is an orthopedic wheelchair developed specifically for children like Lev. Its unique construction keeps the back in the correct position and alleviates the pain. This special wheelchair ‘grows’ together with the child and makes it possible to remain seated for hours without any discomfort or nuisance for health, and the wheels allow for long walks outdoors.

An orthopedic wheelchair of this kind is indispensable for rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy and disorders of the skeletal system. For Lev it can be a chance to rectify the back and forget about the constant pain.