May 27, 2014


Cerebral palsy, right-sided hemiparesis.

€ 3850 is the amount needed for the treatment.

Through your kind donations, we were able to raise € 3850 the treatment.

Despite only being 3 years old, Vika already knows how to care for others: the girl helps her Mom about the house and acts as a mother to younger kids, always finding the right words to comfort a child.

What Vika likes most is to put on puppet plays, recruiting her actors among animal figurines and large plush toys. Every time it is a magical show, always fascinating to watch.

Sadly, action games like playground slide, riding a bike or a scooter are a tough challenge for the girl because of her illness: Vika has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Although cerebral palsy is not curable, this disease responds to rehabilitation treatment once the right strategy has been chosen.

In autumn 2017 and spring 2018 Vika underwent a rehabilitation course at the clinic of Professor Vladimir Ilyich Kozyavkin in Cyprus. The treatment yielded results. Victoria is able to walk more, her speech improved notably, she does exercises and, being able to participate in various activities, is willing very much to make friends with other children.

To secure the achieved results another rehabilitation course is required. The course is scheduled to start on October 1th, 2018.

A new course of treatment is needed for our care takers

In autumn 2017 our four care takers underwent the course of rehabilitation treatment at the International clinic of medical rehabilitation (IMCR) in Cyprus. This clinic utilizes the system of Professor Kozyavkin, whose methods are widely acknowledged as most effective in rehabilitation of cerebral palsy. Sadly, it is a lifelong illness, but every course of treatment…

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Visit to Prof. Vladimir Kozyavkin’s International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation

Together Forever team visited Prof. Vladimir Kozyavkin’s International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation (Larnaca) yesterday. We were so excited!.. We met doctors of the Clinic who are true specialists in the field. Dr. Olga Kozyavkina organized a comprehensive tour of the rehabilitation centre, explained how doctors work and showed us special equipment halls and a swimming…

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