Svetlana Voronkova

Date of birth: 26.01.2009

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy

€ 3 850  is the amount needed for the treatment.

Through your kind donations, we were able to raise 3850 euro to pay for Svetlana's treatment..

Sveta is a very kind and responsive girl. She is keen on learning poems and reading books. She also likes to communicate with other children and play, draw and do crafts, and then give them to others as presents. Sveta studies at school and gets only high grades. And if you look at the photo, you’ll notice that she is no different from her peers. However, the girl cannot walk by herself – she stands and moves around only with support.
Sveta was born prematurely and spent the first two months of her life in hospital. Now the girl is already 9 years old, and all this time the family has been fighting for her health: Sveta constantly undertakes rehabilitation courses and physical therapy courses.
Now International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation, which uses the method of Professor Vladimir Ilyich Kozyavkin, whose technique is recognized as one of the most effective in the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy, is ready to help the girl.
3,850 euros are needed to complete the rehabilitation course.