Date of birth: 10.02.2011

Diagnosis: Spina Bifida, tethered spinal cord syndrome

Purpose of fundraising: Operation in ASSUTA Clinic (Israel)

Date of treatment:  November 29, 2019

$47 996 is needed to pay for the treatment


$47 996 is needed to pay for the treatment

8 years ago a girl with a beautiful name Kamilya was born in Tatarstan in the Khayrullins family. Kamilya “complete” or “perfect”. However, the baby was born with congenital deformities of the spine. Thanks to the operation, which was done in Kazan immediately after birth, as well as numerous rehabilitation courses taken regularly until she turned 5 y.-o., the disease did not show up.

As the girl grew up, leg pains started bothering her, while treatment was not bringing relief. Unfortunately, the additional operation worsened the child’s condition. Now the girl needs an operation to eliminate spinal cord fixation, to release the nerve roots of cauda equina and correct vertebrae.
Assuta Clinic (Israel) is ready to help the girl. 49,742.00 USD are needed are needed for the operation which is scheduled for November 29.