Date of birth: January, 2, 2011

Diagnosis: Hypoxic ishemic organic lesion of the central nervous system.
Cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. Secondary hydrocephalus.

€ 3 600 is the amount needed for the treatment.

Through your kind donations, we were able to raise 3600 euro

Lita completed the first year at a public school. She is attentive, caring and a very kind girl. Lita cannot walk, but this does not prevent her from staying charismatic and be a sun for her dearest and nearest.
All the family has been fighting for Lita’s health during all 8 years of her life. Lita’s future is gradually built brick by brick after each rehabilitation. The girl can already sit without any support and climb to the sofa; she stands with support and goes on hands and knees. At the beginning of 2018 Lita made her first steps on hands and knees. And now, a year later, she is doing better and better! Now the main task is not to give up and lose the skills learnt with great efforts.
Lita has already taken several rehabilitation courses in Kozyavkin Clinic, Limassol, where her successful steps are seen from the first days of the therapy and continue to appear several months after the course. The girl can’t wait to come back to her favourite doctors and continue her way to a full life.
3,600 euros are needed to undergo a repeated rehabilitation course in autumn 2019.