Nikolay Mukhanov

Date of birth:  05.09.2014

Diagnosis:  epilepsy

Through your kind donations, we were able to raise 12 311 Euro to pay for Nikolay’s treatment.

Kolya is almost four. He’s gone through a lot for his age: he has been admitted to various hospitals and treated by top doctors, undergone numerous checkups without any evident results so far. Kolya is epileptic and has up to 5 seizures a day.

Following several rehabilitation treatments, the boy learnt to sit, stand up and walk with assistance. However, due to incorrectly selected treatment and repetitive seizures, at present he can’t even hold his head up steadily.

Kolya loves watching other kids in the playground. One can see it in his eyes that he wishes to stand up and start running…

A comprehensive check-up at the Teknon clinic in September 2018 could become the first step to make his dream come true. The sum required for treatment is 12.311 EUR.