Date of birth: September, 7, 2015

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, epilepsy

€ 3 600 is the amount needed for the treatment.



€ 3 600 is the amount needed for the treatment.

Taisiya was born a healthy girl – all her family was happy to welcome a little miracle in this world. The girl grew, developed and made her family happy with her achievements.
But one day everything changed. On March 12, 2016 Taya started making inexplicable actions – she was waving up with her arms. Various examinations started, and different doctors and professors shared their opinions. A terrible diagnosis was revealed: Taya had developmental brain malformation, polymycrogyria (pachygyria), infantile spasm syndrome (epilepsy) and delay in speech development.
he girl’s parents make everything they can to help Taya grow up and live a full life. The child took four rehabilitation courses based on Professor Kozyavkin method which brought great results: Taisiya has learnt to sit independently and rise with the help of support, she became more sociable and curious, she examines things around herself with great interest, smiles and laughs often.
Doctors do not advise to stop rehabilitation courses as this treatment may fulfil the girl’s dream – be able to walk.
3,600 euros are needed to take the course in autumn 2019.