Ilya is 12 years old. He is an excellent pupil receiving only high grades. He plays piano at music school and participates in city poetry contests. However, the boy moves about only in a wheelchair, because he cannot walk. For this reason, he is home-schooled.

Ilya has tethered spinal cord syndrome. He's had problems with the urinary system since he was born. He has suffered from constant infections accompanied with fever. Moreover, the older the child gets, the more often they occur. Endless diseases, fever, new treatments, antibiotics - this is vicious circle within which the boy cannot normally grow, develop or study.

Thanks to your support we were able to raise $5,046 for the examination in the Israeli clinic.

Благодарность родителей

We would like to thank the Foundation for the help that gave us the opportunity to make examination for our son in Israel. All the doctors are very responsive, they answer any question related to the health of our child. Now we know better how to leave with the disease that we have. We really hoped that doctor could make surgery for us and he can do this. This is a chance for our child and we cannot loose it. We really hope that this surgery will improve the quality of our child's life! Just a cry from the heart for that the God and all emphatic people that help others, are together with us. We really appreciate help of everyone who helped us to make this trip come true.

Wish you all strong health! We really appreciate the helping hand that were given to us!

Parents of Ilia Ivanov