The girl is still baby, she is under 1 years old. Ksenia was born with a rare genetic disorder - Apert syndrome. It is a premature closure of the bones of the skull which usually happens by 3 years old. This early fusion prevents the skull from growing normally, its volume becomes limited which affects the shape of the head and face. In addition, intracranial pressure rises which leads to deafness, blindness and disability.

The girl has already passed through a very difficult path. However, thanks to possibilities and achievements of modern medicine, it is possible to help Ksenia.

On September 16 the girl underwent an operation on the skull. However, after the treatment necrosis appeared on the site of the suture, which was related to poor blood circulation after the operation. The doctors were concerned about it. In order to prevent the spread of infection, they decided to carry out treatment to correct the suture. On October 18 Ksyusha underwent another operation which lasted 3.5 hours! Step by step, the girl was recovering.

Finally Ksyusha and her mother was able to come back home where their loving family are waiting for them!