Alfiya was born into a large and loving family in the city of Talgar, Kazakhstan. She has two older brothers and a little sister. Her parents learned about Alfiya's condition only during the third screening. Still, they firmly resolved to face all difficulties together and do everything possible to give their daughter a bright future.

At birth, Alfiya was diagnosed with an open spina bifida in the sacral area. On the third day of her life, she underwent surgery, which was successful. However, after four months, Alfiya's condition began to deteriorate. Her right leg started to bend inward, her feet lost sensitivity, and her toes remained curled and unable to straighten. Despite this, Alfiya actively learns new skills. She sits up, rolls over, crawls, and eagerly explores the world around her.

Unfortunately, doctors have noted a negative trend in Alfiya's condition. She experiences severe pain during urination and defecation, sleeps only on her stomach, and often wakes up at night crying in pain. Doctors from Assuta Clinic in Israel strongly recommend an urgent spinal cord operation to release it from fixation. This surgery will help halt the progression of her condition and significantly improve Alfiya's well-being.

Thanks to kind hearts and generous help of Ekaterina, we managed to collect all the necessary amount for Alfia’s treatment. In August, the baby will go for a life-saving operation to Dr. Shimon Rokhkind at the Israel Assuta Clinic. We will share the news with you as soon as we have it.