The name of the boy in this photo is Daniil. He had congenital lumbosacral myelocele. When he was an infant, he had his hernia sac removed, later he underwent numerous operations on his legs with plaster cast applied to them. He received several courses of rehabilitation.

Ten years later, following a regular MRI scan he was diagnosed with tethered spinal cord syndrome. Currently he can barely feel his legs. He is using a wheelchair to move around and crutches to walk at home. He is suffering from constant headaches, and a serious pelvic deformity has been noted. The Israeli Assuta Hospital, where a lot of our caretakers got treatment, confirmed the diagnosis and is ready to operate on the boy.

The hospital’s leading neurosurgeon believed that Daniil had a good chance of being able to walk without using a wheelchair or crutches. The aches and pains were disappear, and the progression of the pelvic deformity could be stopped. When the doctor was explaining this to Daniil’s mother, the boy burst into tears. He had been dreaming about a bicycle he would be able to ride by himself for a long time.

Through your kind donations we were able to raise 53 915 euro for the operation.