Dima Makolkin was born an absolutely healthy child. He was growing normaly and constantly pleased his parents with his new achievements. But at the age of 2, the boy became very ill with serous meningitis, which cost him a carefree and happy childhood, and in return gave him a lot of difficulties that the boy has had to go through for 6 years.

Serous meningitis is an inflammatory disease of the brain. Faced with it in 2015, Dima managed to escape from its shackles several times. But the constant relapses that happened to Dima as soon as he stopped taking antibiotics, gradually worsened his general condition. A relapse that occurred him in 2019 gave big complications: Dima could not hold his head, his arms and legs were weak, and he could barely cope with breathing, because of that the doctors had to connect him to a ventilator, perform a gastrostomy, and later a tracheostomy, through which he was connected to a ventilator for a long time. When Dima regained consciousness, he needed rehabilitation. The boy's parents found a hospital that agreed to accept their son for further treatment. Thanks to the efforts of resuscitators, the boy was removed from the ventilator, and he began to breathe through a tracheostomy. 

After that, the boy underwent several courses of rehabilitation, which helped to significantly improve his condition and even get rid of gastrostomy. It was a real victory. But the main victory is still waiting for him ahead. To return to happy childhood life, Dima needs to remove the tracheostomy. Such operations are carried out in Russia, but his case is special - the narrowing of Dima's airways occurs due to tracheomalacia, and Russian doctors cant help him. The doctors of the Israel clinic Souraski are ready to carry out the necessary surgical treatment for the boy as soon as we collect $37,854. 

Friends, $23,267- the amount that we collected for Nikita Rutvyan's treatment will be transferred to Dima's fundraising. This means that in order to give Dima a chance for a healthy future, we need to raise another $14,587.

Thanks to your support, all the necessary amount has been collected. Dima went for treatment.