Dima is the second child in the family. The pregnancy of the expectant mother was going well. All the tests were normal, the parents were waiting for an absolutely healthy child. But when Dima was born, his mother Lydia immediately realized that something was wrong with the child. The shape of his head, restless behavior and many other reasons caused great anxiety among parents, but not among the doctors of the maternity hospital.

Dima's mother was desperately looking for specialists in Samara who could at least diagnose Dima, but she found them only in Moscow. At a meeting with a neurosurgeon and a craniofacial surgeon, she heard a diagnosis unknown to her before: craneostenosis, craniofacial dysostosis. This is when the suture, which is located between the parietal bones of the skull, is overgrown prematurely. The growing brain does not have enough space, it develops incorrectly and it leads to serious neurological disorders, deterioration of vision and hearing.

At the age of two months, Dima underwent surgery in Russia. Unfortunately, the doctors only made the situation worse, and at the age of 1 year the boy had to undergo surgery again. The second operation was performed by a professor of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital. The complications after this surgery were so serious that the baby barely recovered.

The parents had no choice but to continue searching for a doctor who could help preserve their son's health, and they found him. It is Dr. Fearon at the Craniofacialcenter in Dallas (USA). He is ready to help the boy, but the cost of treatment is $58,000. Without our help, Dima's parents will never be able to raise such a sum for his treatment.

Despite the diagnosis and all the difficulties, Dima is a very active and clever boy who is developed beyond his years. He knows letters, colors, loves books and educational classes, and his speech is so beautiful that even an adult can be envy. But everything that Dima can do now can regress if we wouldn't help him to get the treatment he needs as soon as possible.

Dear friends, please help us save the boy's childhood and his health.
Let's change Dima's life together!