Lena was born on 21 September, 2010. Her parents did not suspect that something was wrong with their child. However, a lump on the spine was spotted while the baby was still in the delivery room.

Later the diagnosis of spina bifida was confirmed in the hospital. At the age of 4 months she underwent surgery in Saint Petersburg which was followed by complications – meningitis and functional disorders of pelvic organs.

Nevertheless, the girl learnt to walk without any aids. When Lena was 2.5 she was diagnosed with tethered spinal cord syndrome. It means that as the child ages, the tension of the spinal cord increases, which may potentially result in inability to walk.

Lena went to school. She worked hard, liked to write and draw, won contests. But the girl got tired quickly when walking, complained of leg pains and was notably slouched, which were indications of changes for the worse in her condition.

Clinic Assuta in Israel was prepared to treat Lena giving her a chance of recovery.

Through your kind donations, we were able to raise 52 322,00$ to pay for Elena’s treatment.