Iulia is 6 years old and she was born in Krasnodar early, on the 33rd week of pregnancy.  After birth, the child did not breathe and was on a ventilator for several days, after which she had a difficult recovery path.  Yulia had a strong muscle tone, which her parents fought hard with, taking the child to massage and physiotherapy courses. When she was one year old, the doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy and spastic diplegia.  Since then, Julia began a real struggle for a full future.

At the age of 6, she has already undergone numerous therapy courses in Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland.  Thanks to these courses, the girl learned a lot: she even learned to walk with a walker and with the help of canes.  But this is not enough for a full life, so the parents continued to look for ways to help their child.

Recently, Iulia underwent a complex and expensive operation at Children’s Hospital Saint Louis, USA.  It was a long-awaited operation, which took a whole year to collect money in all possible ways and hope for a miracle.  But a miracle happened, after the operation, the girl's spasticity left her legs, and her feet sank to her heels.  It is very difficult to restore her muscles now.  The girl needs to learn everything anew, because everything that she knew before, she did in good shape.  For this, Iulia needs rehabilitation, but her parents have no money left at all.

Her mother writes: “Next year Yulia will be 7 years old, and we truly hope to return Iulia to school as much as possible, and the neurosurgeon's forecasts motivate us to do this, being that with the correct restorative therapy, Iulia will walk on her own for short distances.”

Iulia needs to undergo rehabilitation at the Centrum Intensywnej Terapii Olinek Clinic. For this we need to collect 6300 EUR. 


Friends, thanks to your help, Yulia was able to pass rehabilitation course at the Olinek Intensive Therapy center. Before completing the course, the girl could not even stand in a walker, and now she can do it without any support for 40 seconds! This is a great achievement for her. We are sure that Julia's results will get even better over time.

Thank you for helping us to change children's lives for the better!