Dear friends, we have a new ward - Ivan Izotov from the Grafovka (Belgorod region, Russia). He has spastic tetraparaesis. And more than anything, this three-year-old boy dreams about the day when he will be able to learn to walk, run and play ball with other children! This childhood dream could come true, but only if we fundrise $14,145 by the 7th of November.

Vanya was born at the 29th week of pregnancy with a weight of only 1320 grams. From the first minutes of his birth he started the fight for his health. The baby was in intensive care for a long time. A month after discharge, permanent rehabilitation began. His parents are doing everything possible to put their son on his feet. This is a titanic work for any person, especially for a child, to whom every movement is given with great difficulty and pain. But Vanya is a real fighter, together with his parents, overcoming all difficulties, the boy confidently goes to his goal. And now he has a chance for a healthy future. Thanks to the spinal cord surgery performed by Dr. Park from the American clinic St. Lois Children's Hospital, his dream is going to become a reality!

Writes Vanya's mom: "The disease makes Vanya scream in pain, causes him irreparable deformations, does not let him exhale. It inspires fear of not being able to pay the bill on time, which means getting a colossal rollback in Vanya's condition. After all, the clinic has already given us a chance, there simply won't be another opportunity! We've been trying so hard for 3 years... But I was never able to do the main thing – to collect the necessary amount of money for a healthy life of my son, for his one and only dream. Please help to be a mom who has done everything for her child!
I'm not just asking, I'm begging! We really need to be in time to collect the necessary amount of money for the operation."

Dear friends, thanks to your support, Vanya was able to get treatment from one of the best specialists - Dr. Park from the American clinic St. Lois Children's Hospital. The operation was successful. Dr. Park said that if Vanya will follow all the recommendations he will be able to walk on his own.
We sincerely believe that this miracle will happen in the near future. Many thanks to everyone for your help.