From his birth, Vanya was an absolutely healthy boy. He had been growing up and developing normally until the age of 5 when he was diagnosed with a hernia of the white line of the abdomen. It is a pathological condition of the muscles of the abdominal wall when they diverge along the midline and a partial protrusion of the internal organs occurs. In July 2015, the boy underwent surgery at City Hospital No. 9 in Sochi. Since then, Vanya’s life is divided into “before” and “after”.

Due to a medical error during the operation, an overdose of anaesthesia happened and it caused a partial death of the child’s brain cells and transgression of blood circulation of the brain and spinal cord; it had serious consequences for his health. All these 8 years after unsuccessful surgery, the boy literally fights for his life, he undergoes various kinds of therapies, but, unfortunately, nothing helps, and his health deteriorates.

Vanya was diagnosed with “hydrocephalus, Arnold Kiary syndrome”. Doctors in Russia failed to install a shunt and normalize the boy’s intracranial pressure. But this is not the worst of what Vanya has been through. The boy has got a defective anterior cranial fossa, and because of that, his spinal fluid enters the nasopharynx which is a life-threatening condition. At any time, bacterial meningitis may occur, and then Vanya will die.

Doctors in Russia said they did everything they could. Despite that, Eugenia, Vanya’s mum, didn’t give up and continued her efforts to search for a doctor who would be able to help her son. And she found him. Professor Jonathan Roth from the Ihilov clinic (Israel) is ready to perform the necessary checks and after that, he will be able to make a decision on the possibility of correcting the defect of the anterior cranial fossa or the installation of a shunt.

This requires the amount of $35,610.

Eugenia is raising three children all alone, and this amount of money is completely unaffordable for her. Her only hope is a miracle such as the help of good and kind-hearted people.

Dear friends, please, help us save Vanya’s life.