Lisa was born prematurely at 37 weeks of gestation, but despite the early arrival, she showed no signs of developmental issues until she reached 8 months old. In her early months, she was progressing like any other baby of her age. At 4 months, she held her head up, and at around 6 months, she began to roll over. However, when Lisa turned 8 months old, she developed hemiparesis, and a few months later, she started experiencing tremors in her left hand, which eventually spread to her left leg and face. Although learning new physical skills proved challenging for Lisa, with the help of numerous rehabilitation sessions, albeit with delays, she achieved the milestone of sitting independently at 14 months and crawling at 19 months. Lisa, who is now 3.5 years old, started walking on her own only six months ago.

Throughout her life, Lisa has been courageously battling epileptic seizures. While some of these seizures have been effectively managed, she still experiences dangerous polymorphic episodes with a loss of consciousness for 1-2 minutes, occurring approximately every 3-4 months. These seizures significantly impact her well-being and cause setbacks in her overall development.

Lisa's mother expresses her heartfelt concerns, sharing, "We have sought consultations from various clinics in Kazan, Moscow, and other cities in Russia. We even had a video consultation with specialists from France. However, the opinions of doctors vary greatly. In Russia, doctors at the Burdenko clinic suggest surgical treatment without providing a guarantee for a positive prognosis. As a mother, this decision weighs heavily on me. On the other hand, some Russian specialists and doctors from France do not recommend surgery, believing it is not suitable in Lisa's case. Instead, they suggest medical treatment with carefully selected medications and rehabilitation measures. In search of better options, I started looking for clinics abroad. Specialists from a hospital in Barcelona responded and invited us for an examination. Unfortunately, the cost of this examination, amounting to €16,690, is simply beyond our means as a family. Therefore, I am reaching out to you, kind-hearted people. Please, help us provide the necessary funds for this crucial examination, which is absolutely essential for my daughter's well-being. As a single parent, I am doing my best to save every penny for our trip to Barcelona."

Thanks to your kind hearts and help of TrafficStars company Liza will go to Barcelona very soon. We will update you with girl's news as soon as we get it.