Dear friends, our foundation has a new ward – Dimitry Mukhlyakov. The boy has hydrocephalus and urgently needs our help. Dima is one of two twins born at 34 weeks by cesarean section. Since birth the boys head was much larger than normal. He could not breathe on his own so he was rushed to the intensive care unit and connected to a ventilator. Dima needed surgery to install a shunt. The neurosurgeon of the children's regional hospital refused to perform that surgery so Dimas parents were forced to look for a doctor who could perform it. They found one. After the operation Dima begun to feel much better, he was steadily improving and was even disconnected from the ventilator. But right before the Christmas holidays the hospital was understaffed and the doctors that were there decided, for safety reasons, to reconnect the child to the ventilator. After that they could no longer disconnect Dima from the ventilator.

Sadly overtime the child began to feel worse and needed surgery again, but the doctors refused to do it. Before getting  discharged from the hospital he had to undergo a tracheostomy and a gastrostomy, and was also given a ventilator for at home use. The doctors warned his parents that he wouldn't be able to breathe without it. But the love and care of two parents works wonders! Once at home Dima immediately began to feel better. He breathes on his own, eats well and actively plays with his sister and brother, but he can't stand up. Dimas parents have already turned to doctors from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kazan and Syktyvkar for help many times, but they were rejected by them. The clinic that accepts to perform the surgery on him is the Schneider clinic in Israel.

Dear friends, a lot of caring hearts participated in our fundrising to change Dima's life for the better. Together with Dima's mother we raised the necessary amount for the treatment (our fund raised $24,603, the rest was collected by his mother).
Thanks to you, Dima was operated by the best specialists of the Israel Schneider Clinic. They performed a complex operation on skull plastic surgery, reduced the size of the skull, completely preserved the structures of the brain, and gave Dima a new life.