Dear friends, here is our new ward - Anastasia Moreva.
A cheerful and active girl, with a prosthetic right ear. Two ear reconstruction surgeries have been carried out in Moscow, but both of them were unsuccessful and led to life-threatening consequences. Now the girl has a high risk of cholesteatoma formation - an aggressive tumor that can take away the most important thing from Nastya - her life.

Dr. Joseph Roberson from the American clinic is ready to carry out the necessary surgery for Nastya. He can rebuild her right ear and restore hearing. To do this, we need to fundraise $84,175.

Nastya is 6 years old and she has a twin brother Nikita. Their parents were so happy with the birth of twins. Sadly they also quickly had to learn about a previously unknown pathology - microtia / atresia of the right ear channel, that their daughter was born with.
Doctors suggested not to intervene in Nastya’s life without an ear, they advised to simply grow long hair and wear hats. However, with hearing impairment, the little girl began to fall behind her peers and was poorly orienting in space. Her mother started searching for doctors who would help her daughter.
The search was difficult. In America, these kinds of surgeries have been carried out for more than 30 years, but their cost is very high. There are specialists in Russia too and the price is much more affordable. Therefore, in March 2020, Nastya had surgery in Moscow FMBA. Immediately after, the girl’s hearing was restored in her right ear and overall it was positive aftermath. But, unfortunately, six months later Nastya had developed serious complications. Hearing in her right ear disappeared, the ear channel closed up and fluid began to flow out of it.
There was a second surgery carried out, but it only made things worse. Now the girl's life is in danger.
Dr.J. Roberson from the USA clinic is ready to save Nastya's life and restore hearing.

Dear friends, thanks to your support, we were able to close Nastya's fundrising on time and gave the girl a chance for a healthy future.
During the operation, Dr. Roberson found a cholesteatoma in Nastya's ear, that already infected the prosthesis (medpor) and the cranial bone. Following the operation, the doctor decided to close the ear canal and saved Nastyusha's life.