Omar's parents eagerly anticipated the birth of their son, confident that the baby would be healthy, given the excellent results of all the pregnancy examinations. However, upon his arrival, they learned that Omar was born with a serious condition. A large lump was present on his lower back, diagnosed as "spina bifida" by doctors on his first day of boy’s life. A surgery to correct the spinal hernia was performed the next day, albeit with complications. Fortunately, the doctors managed to free Omar's spinal cord from fixation, but temporarily, for just two years.

Recently, Omar's condition has rapidly deteriorated. MRI results indicate his spinal cord is fixed again, necessitating further surgical intervention. Omar’s parents started seeking help from various doctors, but none offer guarantees of successful treatment without complications or re-fixation, except Professor Shimon Rokhkind from the Assuta Clinic in Israel. The likelihood of re-fixation after his operation is only 2%.

Thanks to the help of kind hearts and one generous person, we managed to close Omar's fundraising on time. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this important good deed. Soon Omar will go for treatment to Israel. When we will have any news, we will share it with you.