Thanks to your compassionate hearts, in November 2023, Polina underwent a medical examination at Children’s Hospital Zurich (Moyamoya Center in Switzerland). The procedure was successful, but Polina still greatly needs our help.

During the examination, an MRI was conducted to diagnose her brain, along with visual studies such as angiography and water PET/CT. The results revealed areas of damage in the frontal lobes of the brain, mixed with patches of healthy tissue, and insufficient blood circulation in this area. Fortunately, Polina's intellect is fully preserved. Therefore, it is crucial to save this part of her brain by performing a shunting operation on the frontal right and left blood vessels. Thanks to your help the girl got her a chance for a healthy future.

In March 2024 Professor Nadia Khan at Children’s Hospital Zurich (Moyamoya Center, Switzerland) will perform two trepanations (right and left) on Polina in one operation and will carry out shunting on both sides. Let's hope everything goes well. As soon as we have news, we will share it with you.