Roman was born a healthy child, achieving a perfect 9/9 on the Apgar scale at birth. However, by six months, his development deviated from the norm, resulting in a diagnosis of cerebral palsy by doctors who foresaw a future confined to a wheelchair. Nevertheless, Roman and his parents steadfastly rejected this prognosis, never giving up.

Consistent rehabilitation and ongoing training have proven invaluable. Roman not only walks independently but has also risen to the status of a professional alpine skier. Since early childhood, Roman's parents introduced him to swimming, and by the age of three, he became one of the inaugural participants in the "Ski Dreams" project. His passion for skiing yielded unexpected results — now a professional athlete, he is pursuing studies at the Moscow Ski Academy. His rigorous training and competitive successes did not go unnoticed. Roman underwent a stringent selection process and earned a place on the junior team of the Moscow Paralympic Alpine Skiing squad.

We firmly believe that Roman will one day represent his country—his determination and drive for victory would be more than sufficient for ten individuals. However, as Roman continues to grow, spasticity is exerting its influence on his body, affecting his gait, posture, and gross motor skills. Practically walking on one leg, which is less affected by paralysis compared to the other, Roman faces this challenge. Fortunately, there is a significant opportunity to address this serious health issue!

An operation by Dr. Bernius at the American Hospital in Tbilisi will help Roman regain full control over his body and significantly improve his life. Thanks to kind hearts, the boy will be able to undergo the necessary treatment in June 2024.

A huge thank you to all of you, our dear friends, for giving Roma the chance for a healthy future.