Baby Safia is from the city of Arys in the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan. She can stand on her own and take a few steps, but she hasn't learned to walk independently yet. Her right foot has been deformed since birth, and her spinal cord is fixed. The reason is spina bifida - a congenital spinal cord defect.

When Safia was born, her mother immediately noticed a lump in the lower back area, which turned out to be a spinal cord hernia. Doctors diagnosed spina bifida and recommended surgery for the girl when she becomes a little older. Safia's parents hesitated to opt for the operation at first, but when Safia was one and a half years old, they finally took this crucial step. Unfortunately, the surgery at the Children's Almaty Hospital was unsuccessful. Complications arose immediately, and two days later, she had to undergo another operation. The second surgery did not yield the expected results, leaving Safia's spinal cord still fixed. If it is not released in a timely manner, the little girl may be paralyzed below the waist.

Thanks to the help of kind hearts and a major friend of the fund who fully covered the girl's fundraising, the girl got a chance for a healthy future. The operation at the Assuta Clinic in Israel by Dr. Shimon Rochkind will save the girl from further deterioration of her body and disability. It will take place very soon. As soon as we have news, we will definitely share it with you.