Dear Friends, we are starting one more fundraiser for a lovely girl from Belarus - Sophie Mendel. Sophie's biggest dream is just to be able to smile as we all do, yet since she was born with Moebius syndrome, an extremely rare neurological disorder, she is able to move only the right side of her face. Doctors in Israeli hospital “Ichilov” are ready to operate and to do this we need to raise 64 898$.

Little girl is only 7 years old, but she has already been through a lot. Straight at birth she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, tracheal stenosis (narrowing of the windpipe) and convulsive syndrome. Followed by cerebral edema and tracheostomy. Doctors' prognosis was disheartening: Sophie would not be able to breath, eat or drink, even move, talk or smile by herself!

Fortunately, her parents defied such a gloomy future and worked hard to overcome all complications. And now, they face the last challenge, to give Sophie the possibility to smile. We are calling on everyone to help and support this little girl on her journey to become healthy and finally smile wide to our bright world she loves so much!