More than twelve years ago, a little miracle happened – a girl Sonya Milovanova was born. She was born prematurely at 30 weeks gestational age and she was 40 cm long and weighed 1,6 kg. Sonya spent her first months in intensive care because she had respiration problems and was practically unable to see. First, she was diagnosed with organic brain disorder and later with cerebral palsy.

Sonya was currently attending a special school for children with disabilities. It prevented the girl from developing her abilities fully. Sonya’s parents had made up their minds to do everything possible to enable their daughter to live life to the full in spite of her health problems. Within the past 12 years Sonya had received treatment in numerous clinics and rehabilitation centres.

Six years ago, Sonya did a rehabilitation course at Professor Kozyavkin International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation in Cyprus. It had a huge positive effect: contractions eased, there was improvement in her eyesight (she suffers from esotropia), Sonya was able to speak much better as well as coordinate her movements.

Cerebral palsy is a disease characterized by continuous regression. The patients require non-stop treatment to resist this tendency. Thanks to your support we were able to raise 3850 euro to pay for the treatment.