Tanat Muslim from the village of Ulanbel, Kazakhstan. He is a young boy with a rare congenital condition called spina bifida, characterized by a spinal cord development anomaly, accompanied by severe neurological, orthopaedic, and urological pathologies. Typically, spina bifida is diagnosed during prenatal ultrasound, but all Muslim’s mother's examinations yielded normal results. The boy’s parents only discovered his diagnosis after his birth, having never heard of spina bifida before, unaware of the challenges they would face.

In the summer of 2021, doctors discovered a fibroma in Muslim's buttock area and performed surgery to remove it. The parents were hopeful that this treatment would alleviate Tanat's spinal cord fixation, but unfortunately, his condition rapidly worsened post-surgery. He began experiencing pain in his legs and lower back, and his right foot started to deform. Each day, it becomes more challenging for Muslim, who, despite his diagnosis, had learned to walk. Without intervention, he is at risk of becoming disabled.

Thanks to the help of kind hearts and a great friend of the foundation who closed the fundraising for the boy's treatment, Muslim was able to get the help on time. On July 5, 2024, the Professor Rohkind performed surgery on the boy. Muslim's case was initially deemed inoperable, but this skilled professional managed to accomplish everything planned. Professor freed Muslim's spinal cord and spinal canal from fixation and pathological tissues. The operation was successful. Thank you to everyone who helped us change Muslim's life for the better!