Sasha was born a healthy and energetic child. The parents loved their son dearly.

When he was 6 months old in the course of a scheduled checkup the neurologist was puzzled by a somewhat strange expression in the boy’s eyes and ordered an ultrasonic testing (UT) and a CT scan. The examinations results were shocking. The boy was diagnosed with cerebral atrophy and combined hydrocephalus.

So far it remained unclear what type of treatment Sasha requires. Specialists of the “Ichilov” Clinic, Israel were ready to conduct a complex examination to verify the existing diagnosis and decide on the treatment to be chosen.

Throught your kind donations we were able to raise 5610 dollars to pay for the medical examination.

Parents ' gratitude

I would like to thank you for a great help that my son received. Thanks to the foundation and all its people we together with my son Aleksandr could get to Israel for the examinations, where we were calmed down by the doctors, who confirmed that no any bypass surgery is required to my son at this stage.

Great thanks to all of you.