Beautiful Emiliya was born 7 years ago. She grew up in a big loving family and brought joy to her family members. When she was just 2 years old, she already knew the main colors, could name them in Russian and English, knew animal species, could count to 10 and backwards, she used phrases in her speech.

However, after one flight on a plane Emiliya stopped understanding when someone talked to her, almost stopped speaking, look in the eyes and play with other kids. Unfortunately, regular visits to psychologists and speech pathologists, consultations with psychiatrists and neurologists did not bring significant results. After a long investigation doctors came to a conclusion that the girl had a rare form of epilepsy. Seizures took a form of uncontrolled hysterics, sleep disorder and bursts of aggression.

Additional analyses and MRI confirmed the girl had cortical dysplasia or malformation of brain cortex development. Doctors from Teknon Clinic consider that without the operation the girl will never be able to live a full life, develop and speak. Thanks to your support it was able to raise 19815 euros needed for the operation.