Kanykey Emil Kyzy from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) is our ward, who always smiles, laughs and spreads love wherever she goes. On the day when this baby was born, it seemed that there was no one happier than her parents, because they had been dreaming about her for 5 long years. But she was born with a congenital malformation of the spine. Her diagnosis of spina bifida was known 2 months before her birth. Her parents hoped for a miracle, but as soon as the diagnosis was confirmed after her birth, they immediately began fighting for their daughter's health.

Mom writes: "On March 25, 2021, our daughter was born. She looked healthy, with no visible abnormalities, except for a small bump on her lower back. A few days after the MRI, the diagnosis of Spina Bifida was confirmed. My husband and I were mentally preparing for this, so we immediately contacted the clinics and, after comparing all the options, chose the one we could afford for the price. At the age of 2 months my daughter was operated in Istanbul clinic.

It was successful. It seemed till the moment we did a control MRI of the lower back  when Kanykei turned one year old. It showed that her spinal cord is fixed. The doctor could not give an answer why fixation has appeared. He also could not guarantee that after the second surgery it wont appear again. But we found Dr. Shimon Rokhkind, who gives makes this operations perfectly and the probability of re-fixation after his operation is only 2%.

My soul is torn apart by the fact that we are unable to help our angel on our own. Many kind people in the world already help us and thanks to them we have already managed to collect almost half of the required amount. We sincerely believe that if more caring hearts will help us, we will be able to give a healthy future to Kanykei. Please, help us to save her health."

Dear friends, thanks to your support Kanykei was able to get to the best spina bifida specialist - Prof. Shimon Rohkind, who on January 20, 2023 performed the surgery on the girl and was very happy with the result. He was able to completely free Kanykei's spinal cord from adhesions and lipomas. The professor said that the neuromonitoring results after the surgery were very good, which means that there is great hope that the fixation of Kanykei's spinal cord will not happen again.