Lita is an attentive, caring and very kind girl. She is unable to walk but it does not prevent her from being perfectly charming and being the light of her nearest and dearest. All family members have been uniting their efforts to fight for Lita’s health. Step by step Lita’s future seems brighter following each rehabilitation course.

Lita is already able to sit without support, climb up the sofa, stand with an aid and crawl. The primary goal at present is to carry on and not to lose the skills that have been acquired with great difficulty.

Lita showed signs of improvement since her very first days at Professor Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic. Thanks to your support she had had rehabilitation courses in autumn 2017, spring 2018 and autumn 2018.

The positive effect was still obvious several months after the treatment. The girl was looking forward to coming back to her favorite doctors in order to progress towards normal life.

Through your kind donations we were able to raise 3800 euro to cover the expenses on the second course of treatment in autumn 2019.