Misha is 6 years old, he is an active and lively boy.

However, 3 years ago Misha started to complain of inconvenience when walking. This marked the start of multiple examinations and visits to various specialists in search of the cause of the disease. In a year doctors managed to find the reason - it was neuropathy (peripheral nerves malfunction due to their damage). This was accompanied by movement disorder and even reduction of leg length by 1 cm.

He was assigned a disability status. Misha's family started to struggle for the boy's health, trying medicines, rehabilitation, continuous exercise therapy, physiotherapy and courses of massage. Unfortunately, the treatment did not bring any results. Neither did special orthopedic shoes help. The parents managed to have Misha examined in Kyiv, where it was discovered that the sciatic nerve had been damaged as a result of an incorrect injection. Thus, Misha was diagnosed with sciatic nerve neuroma. Doctors in Kyiv refused to perform an operation, suggesting possible serious consequences: they will not be able to completely remove the neuroma, leaving the risk of developing oncology.

Over the past six months, Misha's condition has only worsened: his lameness has worsened, his foot has become deformed, and when he walks, his leg falls on the outer edge all the time, which is why the boy has even got a clavus. The boy cannot move all his toes, neither can he step on the heel.

Misha's parents contacted Assuta Clinic (Israel), and neurosurgeons are ready to carry out a complex operation to remove the tumor, and a corrective orthopedic operation. 59,163 USD are needed in order to perform the operations.

The collection for the treatment of Misha was carried out together with his parents: together they managed to collect 59,163 euros for the treatment of the boy.


Thanks to your help, the doctors of the Assuta clinic performed the long-awaited operation for the boy. It was successful.