Polina is a happy, kind, loving girl that dreams of becoming an artist or a veterinarian.
But Polina has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida. And her dreams might not come true…

Polina is the first and most awaited child in her family. When she was born her mother immediately noticed a scar on her spine. The doctors in the hospital didn’t mention anything about it, and later said replying to the mothers questions that its just a birth mark.
The girl grew and developed normally until the age of 5, and then her parents noticed that her foot lost mobility.
For their family this marked the start of a long and hard journey in search of ways to help their daughter.
They visited multiple doctors, who kept providing wrongful diagnosis, gave useless recommendations and treatments which yielded no results.

Polinas mum Irina writes: “We couldn’t even find a doctor who would provide us with the correct diagnosis. In the end we where forced to take matters into our own hands and do an MRI of her spine. The results stated something we where not prepared to hear. Polina has Spina Bifida…. And now in order to avoid her situation worsening and hopefully make some positive progress, its necessary for her to undergo a very complicated operation, the cost of which is very high for our family. If Polina doesn’t get the treatment she needs in the nearest future, there will be irreversible damage to her development, which may leave her disabled and wheelchair bound. Benefactors, we are desperate for your help.”

Polina is already undergoing irreversible changes in her body. Her left foot is deformed and doesn't bend well.
Thanks to your support, we managed to raise the necessary amount for Polina's surgical treatment at the Assuta clinic in Israel.
On June 16th, 2022, Professor Shimon Rokhkind performed the operation successfully: he removed a small lipoma, freed the spinal cord and all spinal roots from soldering and saved all motor functions. The first improvements in Polina's left leg appeared immediately after the operation!