When two twin-sisters Khvostikovs were born and the world welcomed them, their parents were happy to the moon and back. However, only after some time doctors notified the parents that younger girl Sophia had a congenital malformation. Upon arrival home from the maternity hospital the parents noticed that one of the girls had a big bump in the sacrum area, scoliosis and pelvis misalignment.

The girl grew and developed. But every new day brought new difficulties: it was difficult for Sophia to start walking and keep the balance. The operation on the spinal cord was unsuccessful, and new complications appeared. In just 9 years of her life, Sophia was operated 10 times in different clinics of Russia: neurosurgical, urological, orthopedic … But, unfortunately, despite daily activities, massage and exercise therapy, her condition worsens. The girl gradually ceases to walk because of back and leg pains.

But Sofia does not give up! Despite feeling unwell, she studies at public and music schools with great desire, she plays piano, sings, does needlework and she tries her best at everything she practices, whatever it takes. She dreams that one day she will be able to run and jump with joy, just like her peers around her.

Thanks to your support we werer able ro raise 36,429 USD to pay for the operation in ASSUTA Clinic (Israel).