This kind, intelligent and bright boy absolutely does not want to put up with his diagnosis and sincerely believes that kind hearts will support and help him to overcome all obstacles to stop the deterioration of his health.

Writes Elmira, Alimzhan's mother: "After the birth of my child on the left buttock, doctors noticed a maroon-blue spot similar to a hemangioma and a small formation. Up to 8 months my son was observed by doctors at the cancer center. Our boy grew and developed according to his age, but the spot in the buttock area gradually began to increase. After an MRI of the lumbosacral spine doctors diagnosed Spina Bifida. When they said that my child would be disabled and unable to walk, we refused the operation in Kazakhstan, and desided to operate Alimzhan in Iran when he turned 10 months old. Two months after operation our son made first steps. We were incredibly happy about it and thought that the worst things was behind us. But we were very wrong.

Over time, Alimzhan's condition began to deteriorate, he was found to have pelvic organ disorders, his left leg weakened, and he began to limp, fell a lot and tired quickly. After repeated MRI, we learned that the spinal cord is fixed again. We went to rehabilitation centers and underwent complex treatment (physical therapy, acupuncture, electrophoresis, massage), but it did not bring any results.

2 years ago we managed to meet with Dr. Shimon Rokhkind and now we know how we can save our son from further complications. But, unfortunately, our family cannot afford to pay for treatment 49,229 euros. We sincerely ask you, dear benefactors, to give Alimzhan a chance for a happy, full and long life!"

Dear friends, our foundation has responded to help Alimzhan raise part of the total cost of treatment. Thanks to your help and support, the boy underwent the treatment he needed. On December 15, 2022, Dr. Shimon Rohkind performed an operation on the boy. It was successful. We thank everyone who helped us change Alimzhan's life for the better!