Dasha is only 11 years old, but she has already had a stroke. At the Moyamoya Center Children's Hospital in Zurich (Switzerland), the girl underwent several complex operations on her heart and brain vessels. The last surgery took place in February 2021. In order to exclude the possibility of another stroke, Dasha must undergo post-surgery check-up as soon as possible. The girl urgently needs our help.

Dasha is originally from the small Russian town of Likhoslavl (Tver region). She has a congenital heart defect and a number of other conditions: Thrombophilia, a hemangioma on her face that requires surgery, and a complex malformation of the neck and brain vessels. At the age of 30 months, Dasha suffered a stroke. The doctors who conducted the examination at the Burdenko National Medical Research Center for Neurosurgery in Moscow recommended to contact with doctors of Moyamoya Center Children's Hospital in Switzerland. The examination revealed that Dasha suffers from an unusual and rare PHACE syndrome.

PHACE is a rare genetic syndrome, and the title is an acronym (the first letters of the conditions):

P - malformation of the posterior fossa
H - hemangioma⠀
A - arterial anomalies⠀
C - heart disease⠀
E - anomalies of the eyes

Dasha has 3 of the 5 diseases listed above.⠀

In addition, Dasha was diagnosed with another rare disease - the so-called "stealing" syndrome. In simple terms, the body "steals" the blood from the head.

At the Moyamoya Center Children's Hospital in Zurich, a medical team consisting of a cardiac surgeon, a vascular surgeon, a vascular neurosurgeon, and a radiologist proposed a treatment tactic that minimizes the risk of another stroke and involves three consecutive surgeries that Dasha already passed. The last surgery took place in February 2021. In the summer of 2023, the time had come for the planned check-up, the cost of which amounted to € 60,000. Our Foundation opened a partial collection and, thanks to the kindness of your heart, was able to collect €20,000 in time for a comprehensive inspection of Dasha. It took place on August 18, 2023 and was successful. Thank you, dear friends, for giving the girl a chance to live a full life and not worry about tomorrow.